Sun, moon and relaxation in the rooftop spa

Invincible, indomitable. That’s how you feel when your body and spirit find balance. When tired muscles are reinvigorated and everyday stress evaporates into thin air. The rooftop spa at MANNI raises the bar for relaxation. High above the rooftops and close to the clouds.

Just for you: Our hotel guests enjoy exclusive rooftop relaxation with plenty of privacy and space to breathe.

Spa break between the peaks

Virtual tour through the rooftop spa

Saunieren in unserem Rooftop-Spa

Finnish sauna

Warm regeneration, with time to relax and let go. This takes place almost by magic in our 90 degree Finnish sauna. But it has to be followed by a cold dowsing under our multi-functional showers.

Saunieren in unserem Rooftop-Spa

Organic herb sauna

The perfect symbiosis of gentle heat and herbal powers – the fresh scent of unspoilt nature, of hay flowers, spruce, mountain pine and wild thyme ...  Stress is transformed into a deep sense of well-being in no time at all. Ahhhhh.

Saunieren in unserem Rooftop-Spa

Brine sauna

Salt on our skin, like the essence of life. Allow the fine brine mist to envelop you and bring vigour back to your body in the brine lanconium at around 70 degrees.

Steam bath

Oriental well-being is more than just hot air. Fiery steam and essential oils soothe the skin and ease the mind.

Textile sauna & steam bath

Would you prefer some privacy? The Finnish textile sauna, the textile steam bath and the infrared cabin right next to the Sky Lounge invite guests to sweat with their modesty protected.

Stay healthy, stay fit: go play outside

The Zillertal mountains are and remain the most beautiful outdoor studio you could ever imagine. Magical sunrises and never-ending sunsets above the peaks. Our gym is an alternative when the weather is bad.

Fitnessraum für unsere Gäste

Sky Lounge & Wolke 4 terrace

Drift into the stars, swim towards the sun, take a nap, recharge your batteries. There is one thing that matters in the glazed Sky Lounge and on the Wolke 4 terrace: Relaxation. How about a massage afterwards from our spa programme