Meet me at the MANNI Bar in Mayrhofen

Shaken or stirred? How about a delicious drink at the MANNI hotel bar and lounge? Everything is there, from genuine classics to cool and extravagant drinks from all over the world. For afterwards, Mayrhofen has plenty of opportunities to turn night into day. Cheers!

Red, white and sparkling from our own wine cellar

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water”, Galileo Galilei mused. We give the fine wines in our own cellar plenty of space to breathe. Recommendations include the best vintages, also many from Austria, to accompany your dinner. Our sommelier enhances fine dining and gourmet holidays in Zillertal by suggesting harmonious wines to suit your dishes.

I’ll never say no to vino ...

At the fireplace 

The fire is crackling as you settle back over a hot tea or a steaming café crema. Whether it’s just a chat or deep conversations, ladies and gentlemen will feel immediately drawn to the MANNI style in our fireplace hall.

Kamin-Lounge und Bar

Why not make new friends?